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Merchant Connect Multi

Tender Retail’s flagship application is the culmination of over 20 years of dedication to EFT software. Merchant Connect Multi is the middleware solution of choice for thousands of mid-and-high-volume retailers in every vertical across North America.

Delivering flexible card processing solutions

Every day, millions of credit, debit, loyalty and smart card transactions flow from point of sale terminals to payment processors through Tender Retail software. It's no surprise. Since 1987 we've been dedicated to one thing – delivering flexible, cost effective card processing solutions that save companies time and money. Industry leaders from Nike to Staples/Business Depot rely on our expertise.

At the core of our success is the recognition that every retail organization is unique. Our Merchant Connect suite of products guarantee seamless, reliable results, regardless of existing POS system or payment processing provider. Designed for today and tomorrow, they are easily adaptable to changes in banking and value added services.

Whether it's a single store or a multi-unit chain, Tender Retail's goal is to empower the merchant. Our commitment to ease of integration and multiple platform support has made us the established leader in developing and implementing electronic payment software.

Contact your POS supplier and ask about the Tender Retail suite of Merchant Connect products or contact us at info@tender-retail.com.

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