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If you accept credit, debit, value-add (gift, loyalty or phone cards) or other forms of electronic tender, you can lower your costs and increase customer satisfaction.


Tender Retail does one thing and we do it very well.

We provide a software interface between POS systems and payment processors that gives retail organizations the flexibility to incorporate a variety of payment methods and the control over which payment processor they utilize. The net result for merchants is increased customer satisfaction and lower costs.

We've been doing this since 1987 and our market dominance in the Canadian retail sector is testament to our strengths – innovation, vision and a commitment to delivering quality software solutions that are easily adaptable and exceptionally reliable.

We're a focused, tight-knit group of experts. Our team rolls up their sleeves every day and dedicates themselves to understanding the needs of our customers in this ever-changing marketplace. We continue to be at the forefront, developing innovative solutions for communication protocols ranging from wireless to IP enabled to internet, in the same way we did when we led the way in pin-debit integration almost 20 years ago – by working closely with POS suppliers to develop products that are easy to integrate and seamlessly scalable.

With thousands of lanes installed across North America and more being added daily, we understand that our continued strong growth is tied directly to the quality of our product. That awareness is reflected in every element of our product development, integration and customer service. We're proud of the long-term relationships we have with our co-workers, our partners and our customers.

Contact your POS supplier and ask about the Tender Retail suite of Merchant Connect products or contact us at info@tender-retail.com.

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