Tender Retail

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Merchant Connect Multi

Tender Retail’s flagship application is the culmination of over 20 years of dedication to EFT software. Merchant Connect Multi is the middleware solution of choice for thousands of mid-and-high-volume retailers in every vertical across North America.

Jacob is chip enabled!

Jacob, a clothing retailer with over 200 stores across Canada, and Tender Retail are working together once again to be at the forefront of emerging technology. Based in Montreal, this family-run private company designs updated classics of exceptional quality and value and offers clothing, lingerie, accessories and fragrance products for the modern woman throughout their JACOB, JACOB Lingerie, JOSEF and DANZ banners.

By utilizing Tender Retail’s Merchant Connect payment middleware, La Senza’s stores will benefit by taking advantage of the most cost effective payment processors, all with a 2–3 second turnaround for all transactions.

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