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Merchant Connect Multi

Tender Retail’s flagship application is the culmination of over 20 years of dedication to EFT software. Merchant Connect Multi is the middleware solution of choice for thousands of mid-and-high-volume retailers in every vertical across North America.

Point of Sale


ABM Systems

ABM Integrated Solutions provides both the software and hardware to over 1700 customers throughout North America. We provide a complete service offering to the grocery, retail, convenience and hospitality industries.

AM/PM Service

AM/PM Service is Canada's largest independent Point-of-Sale company. We offer a wide range of solutions and support services for today's user of Point-of-Sale Systems in all verticals. Our focus is to work with our customers as a long-term business partner providing point-of-sale solutions, system integration, service and support.


Auto~Star's portfolio of software applications is designed for today's grocery, pharmacy, convenience, or general retailer. Whether you have one store or a chain of stores, our products provide a seamless end-to-end solution which optimizes efficiency and customer satisfaction while lowering operating costs.


BreakPoint Systems Corporation is a world-class retail POS systems developer. Our family of software products are developed with MicroSoft Visual C++ to deliver the speed, flexibility, and reliability now enjoyed by thousands of retailers worldwide, from multi-lane grocery to specialty retail.


CCISTECH is an information technology and service provider offering innovative systems, services, solutions and programs to Petroleum Marketers, Supermarkets & High Volume Retailers (HVR's) with fuel sites in the United States and Canada.

LOC Software

LOC Software has been delivering systems to retailers for 15 years. Thousands of store owners and managers use LOC Software products every day to poll their registers, analyze sales data and prepare pricing. The Store Management Suite software can also be used to transfer sales data to ledger systems, communicate with suppliers for pricing updates and other data exchange functions.
The latest generation of products was designed from the top down to allow total store control in multiple types of environment. LOC Software ensures customers that the investment they are making today will be a wise and enduring one by adapting only the latest technology standards and providing an opened solution.


Logivision is a corporation specializing in the development of software for the retail industry with a particular focus on the operation system for the front-end terminals. Innovative and always at the forefront of new technological developments. Experience gained over the past 12 years has helped us understand what data integrity, and security are all about on a point of sale device. We understand inter-register communications as well as communication with all of the other POS peripherals. Every day, thousands of users log on to a point of sale terminal operating with Logivision software. The install base includes a wide range of retail business types who require a traditional register style device that has the intelligence of a microcomputer.The flexibility of our products is truly unmatched and allows you to tailor to virtually every client's needs. Simplicity, speed and data security are the key issues that make our products the right choice for your business.

Sweda Canada

Sweda is a POS solutions provider which offers hardware, software and support services to the supermarket and food services industries. Sweda and its affiliated companies provide open architecture point-of-sale systems, consulting, training and support services to more than 3,000 sites of supermarkets and restaurants in North America and Asia.

Sylogist Ltd.

Sylogist is a technology innovation and licensing company which, through strategic acquisitions, investments and operations management, provides intellectual property solutions to a wide range of public and private sector customers.

Our solutions allow our customers to streamline their business processes and improve their profitability. We are committed to developing, selling and supporting innovative, integrated applications to meet the dynamic needs of businesses including; Petroleum Retailers (Gas Pump Interface), C-Store and Grocery (Smart Retail Operation POS), Government revenue agencies (Transaction Processor), ERP/EAI/SAP applications, and Small to Medium size companies that require a fully functional e-commerce package (E-Business Engine).

Time Business Machines

Our sales staff can assist in evaluating the exact system for any application from single stand alone cash registers in a stand-alone grocery or retail store, to a multi-lane retail grocery store complete with network server and full back-office reporting applications. We have also installed "Fully Integrated Debit" software applications for our customers.

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