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Merchant Connect Multi

Tender Retail’s flagship application is the culmination of over 20 years of dedication to EFT software. Merchant Connect Multi is the middleware solution of choice for thousands of mid-and-high-volume retailers in every vertical across North America.


If you accept credit, debit, value-add (gift, loyalty or phone cards) or other forms of electronic tender, you can lower your costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Tender Retail is the answer. Our Merchant Connect line of software handles the critical communication interface between the Point of Sale and the transaction processor – while giving merchants the power to instantly choose the most cost-effective payment processors and beneficial value-add providers. Time-tested, scalable and exceedingly flexible, Merchant Connect has been the industry standard in card processing middleware for over two decades.

At the core of Tender Retail’s success is the recognition that every merchant is unique. All Merchant Connect solutions are developed from the ground up to integrate seamlessly into any retail infrastructure, regardless of volume or legacy systems. What’s more, every Merchant Connect application is designed for today and tomorrow. As banks change, as processors evolve, as new cards, payment methods and value-add services are introduced, Merchant Connect will remain at the forefront – easily adaptable, exceptionally reliable and dedicated to empowering merchants.

Key benefits

  • Ability to select and change your payment processor and valueadd providers so you can take advantage of the lowest transaction processing fees and the most appealing valueadd offerings.
  • Limitless flexibility and scalability means you are in control of your own future when it comes to implementing new programs like gift or loyalty cards, wireless transactions or mobile receipting.
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