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Merchant Connect Multi

Tender Retail’s flagship application is the culmination of over 20 years of dedication to EFT software. Merchant Connect Multi is the middleware solution of choice for thousands of mid-and-high-volume retailers in every vertical across North America.

Our Company

Our Philosophy

Mission Statement

To provide seamless and cost effective integration of credit, debit and value added processing that empowers the merchant.

Our Vision

All companies have a goal. The successful ones have a goal that sets them apart and ahead of the competition.

Since day one, Tender Retail has challenged itself to be the best in providing connectivity between merchants and processors in the area of electronic tenders. That means best of class products, superior customer service and a dedication to innovation and value.

We also believe that our products and services are a direct reflection of the people behind them. We're proud of every single one of our employees. Many have been with the company since the beginning. And for them to continue to produce at the highest level, they need to have the best tools and a great environment – a workplace that's respectful, challenging and full of opportunity. We've achieved this and work hard every day to maintain it.

Our Values

Tender Retail is committed to:

  • Quality

    We've built our name through excellence in our products and service.

  • Passion

    We love what we do and we're driven to be the best. Our future depends on it.

  • Integrity

    What we accomplish is important, but how we accomplish it is equally important.

  • Exceeding Expectations

    Nothing generates customer satisfaction quicker than going that extra mile.

  • Value

    A solid return on investment is the cornerstone of an enduring business relationship.

  • Success

    We succeed when our customers and partners succeed.

  • Constant improvement

    Think proactively. Being reactive means you're already one step behind.

  • Partnerships

    Fostering long-term, synergistic relationships with organizations equally as committed to success as we are.

  • Personal Development

    Our Company improves as our people do.

  • Respect

    The single most important ingredient in productive dealings with co-workers, partners and customers.

  • Enjoyment

    Promoting a healthy, challenging environment based on sincere appreciation for a job well done.

Our History

Since 1985 Tender Retail has developed standard software applications. What started as financial accounting systems evolved into integrated POS cash register software and later became today's specialized financial processing applications.

New innovation and future readiness have and continue to be our focus as leaders in this industry. When debit cards were first introduced, Tender Retail was among the first software development company to integrate debit in Canada.

Our company continues to grow by providing state-of-the-art solutions for integrated debit, credit and value-added applications. Our future will always focus on maximum flexibility for merchants.

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